Ousmane Wiles - known as Omari Mizrahi in the ballroom scene - was born in West Africa Senegal. He began his training in West African dance at 6.
At 15, Omari discovered the ballroom scene and later joined the House of Mizrahi where he battled in Vogue Femme consistently for 10 years. After years of winning and international touring, Omari was deemed legendary at the 2015 NYC Awards Ball. Omari is now the International Father of the House of Mizrahi where he oversees 300 active members worldwide.
He recently appeared on the cover of Vogue Magazine next to Naomi Campbell and has danced alongside artists such as Janet Jackson, Jennifer Hudson, John Legend and performed at events such as VMA's, Afro Punk, Miami Art Basel, Jacobs Pillow, and Martha's Vineyard.
Follow him on Instagram @Omari_Mizrahi!

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