• LETS DANCE! At Your Beat, Dance & Fitness Studio

  • BashmentBEAT

    BashmentBEAT Wind your waist, work your core and burn those thighs to dancehall rhythms and anthems What to expect: Bashment will get you feeling loose, limber and all your muscles engaged. If you've never danced Dancehall before, you will wonder why you waited all this time - don't wait any longer! Find out which song you'll be dancing to on our Timetable Highlight: https://www.instagram.com/atyourbeatstudio_ny/

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  • Anyone Can Dance, At Your Beat

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  • Wanna Hire Our Studio?

    Our studio is available for events, concept videos, rehearsals! To enquire email [email protected]

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  • FlowBEAT

    Expand the awareness of your body with FlowBEAT! What to expect: You'll work on energy focused exercises, yoga inspired stretches, and learn a contemporary dance choreography. FlowBEAT will have you feeling more at ‘one’ with your movement and body!

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  • LyricalBEAT

    LyricaBEAT Feel free and find your release! What to expect: LyricalBEAT helps you find a deeper connection to music through freedom of movement and expression. We pay close attention to your use of breath, performance and how to utilise your raw emotions. Come and dance no matter what your mood! Find out which song you'll be dancing to on our Timetable Highlight: https://www.instagram.com/atyourbeatstudio_ny/

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  • AYB Body: Peaches & Scream

    AYB Body: Peaches & ScreamThis AYB body workout focuses explicitly on butt and abdominal toning through dance cardio!

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  • UrbanBEAT

    UrbanBEAT Old skool flow, new skool swag and everything in between!What to expect:Find your beat with one of the most varied and widely danced styles. Each instructor will give you a different flavour of UrbanBEAT and you’ll want to try them all! Get loose, get low and go awwwn with your bad self!

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