• BashmentBEAT

    BashmentBEAT Wind your waist, work your core and burn those thighs to dancehall rhythms and anthems What to expect: Bashment will get you feeling loose, limber and all your muscles engaged. If you've never danced Dancehall before, you will wonder why you waited all this time - don't wait any longer! Find out which song you'll be dancing to on our Timetable Highlight: https://www.instagram.com/atyourbeatstudio_ny/

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  • Anyone Can Dance, At Your Beat

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  • Wanna Hire Our Studio?

    Our studio is available for events, concept videos, rehearsals! To enquire email [email protected]

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  • FlowBEAT

    Expand the awareness of your body with FlowBEAT! What to expect: You'll work on energy focused exercises, yoga inspired stretches, and learn a contemporary dance choreography. FlowBEAT will have you feeling more at ‘one’ with your movement and body!

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  • R'n'BEAT

    R'n'BEAT Old skool flow, new skool swag and everything in between!What to expect:Find your beat with one of the most varied and widely danced styles. Each instructor will give you a different flavour of R'n'BEAT and you’ll want to try them all! Get loose, get low and go awwwn with your bad self!

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  • AYB Body: Peaches & Scream

    AYB Body: Peaches & ScreamThis AYB body workout focuses explicitly on butt and abdominal toning through dance cardio!

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  • LETS DANCE! At Your Beat, Dance & Fitness Studio