• Everyone Can Dance - At Your Beat, Dance & Fitness Studio

  • JazzBEAT

    Perfectify clean lines, build a stronger core, learn how to turn, jump and leap!

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  • AYB Body: Peaches & Scream

    AYB Body: Peaches & Scream This AYB body workout focuses explicitly on butt and abdominal toning through dance cardio! 

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  • Sat 5th Jul VIDEOBEAT WORKSHOP - GAY PRIDE WEEKEND ‘ICONS’ SPECIAL 1.30pm *friends go free*

  • AYB Body Dance Cardio & Tone

    A calorie-burning DANCE rush to increase your general fitness levels and stamina! Colourful lights and pumping tunes - it's basically a sober rave! There’s no complex choreography: PEFERCT FOR BEGINNERS.

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  • LatinBEAT

    LatinBEAT Get saucy to seductive rhythms, embrace your femininity and feel empowered. Confidence-building and then some! Expect anything from sultry to sassy routines with a twist of salsa, bachata and reggaeton steps!

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  • Sun 6th jul - BEYONCÉ BABY BOY (FORMATION LIVE TOUR) workshop --- BEG / ALL LEVELS 2pm

  • NEW Masterclass workshops - check timetable *MAXBEAT members email to reserve space

  • KpopBEAT

    Dance to all your fave Kpop kings and queens with brand new fresh choreography! Your standard AYBsauce and elements of the iconic Kpop routines you know and love!

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  • New AfroBEAT class every Sat at 1pm

  • AYB Masterclass Workshops

    AYB energy inspired industry choreographers and teachers coming in to give you guys that more full out workshop! With this you get two whole hours, more time to film and that classic AYB inclusive vibe. *MaxBEAT members can get 1 masterclass credit per month email to reserve space*

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  • StrutBEAT

    Don't just walk-STRUT to your BEAT Get saucy to seductive rhythm, embrace your femininity. Heels welcome, too. Confidence-building and then some!

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