• Everyone Can Dance - At Your Beat, Dance & Fitness Studio

  • Ms Banks VS 50 cent Workshop - 1.30pm Sat 7th

  • AYB Body Dance Cardio & Tone

    A calorie-burning DANCE rush to increase your general fitness levels and stamina! Colourful lights and pumping tunes - it's basically a sober rave! There’s no complex choreography: PEFERCT FOR BEGINNERS.

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  • Daddy Yankie & Pitbull LatinBEAT workshop - 3pm Sat 7th

  • LatinBEAT

    LatinBEAT Get saucy to seductive rhythms, embrace your femininity and feel empowered. Confidence-building and then some! Expect anything from sultry to sassy routines with a twist of salsa, bachata and reggaeton steps!

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  • StrutBEAT

    Don't just walk-STRUT to your BEAT Get saucy to seductive rhythm, embrace your femininity. Heels welcome, too. Confidence-building and then some!

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  • AYB Body: Peaches & Scream

    AYB Body: Peaches & Scream This AYB body workout focuses explicitly on butt and abdominal toning through dance cardio! 

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  • UrbanBEAT

    Old skool flow, new skool swag and everything in between! What to expect: Get loose, get low and go awwwn with your bad self! 

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  • VideoBEAT

    Dance to iconic music videos you used to mimic as a youngin' and get a glimpse into the world of a dancer! Fun and energising routines that will make you feel like the star in your own music video

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  • VideoBEAT Beyonce VS Busta Ryhmes Workshop - 2pm Sun 8th

  • AfroBEAT

    Wind your waist, work your core and burn those thighs to a blend of West African, jazz, soul and funk rhythm. What

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  • JazzBEAT

    Perfectify clean lines, build a stronger core, learn how to turn, jump and leap!

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  • StrutBEAT heels Workshop - Teyana Taylor - HYWI - 3.30pm Sun 8th